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Jul 14, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. gazprom and german utility rwe have agreed on what they are calling a strategic partnership. for rwe, this insures a supply of russian gas. gazprom is to join its building and operating gas and power plants in and outside germany. more details are expected in the next few months. >> the end of an era in many ways. a german media mogul has died at the age of 84, ending his spectacular rise and fall. he built an empire, only to see it crumble. he was an old fashioned wheeler dealer. he was also the modest son of a wine maker, a devout catholic who tended to avoid the glittering media world. >> these images of his 75th birthday are a rare private glimpse of the magnet. he tended to avoid cameras, having often found himself embroiled in controversy. >> i think you all for coming, my friends. if my enemies were here, we would need a lot more space. >> making enemies was part of the price he paid for his ambition. this was the heart of his media empire. he built the largest film library outside the united states. it all started with one film. in 1956, he bought the rights to "la strada
Jul 19, 2011 6:00pm PDT
sources. russian giant gazprom is looking to find ways. they want to have as many sectors as possible. >> both leaders were asked about their current assessment of the debt crisis in the euro zone. our correspondent melinda crain gave us the latest on chancellor merkel's viewpoint. >> angela merkel warned that people should not be expecting one big, spectacular solution. this is a long, ongoing process. it is a matter of small steps. we have to make sure that greece becomes competitive again, that it gets its debt down, and that will not be achieved with one big, spectacular step. president medvedev also had some words to say on the euro. he says he is cautiously optimistic that it will pull through. he says it is an extortion attempt, said nations have never tried before, and it is wishing europe bloc -- he said it is an extraordinary attempts, such that nations have never tried before, and he is pushing europe luck. >> some clouds on the horizon. a closely watched survey said dennis analysts and institutional investors are in anticipating a weaker performance in the months
Jul 11, 2011 6:00am EDT
%. that beat russian energy's giant and exxon mobil and gazprom. >> slurpee day. >> sorry, couldn't wait. >> today, july 11th, 7-eleven is slurpee day. 7-eleven is giving away free slurpees. >> each store has a limited supply. we made sure to get to the store early. one close to the station thankfully. each one of these has about -- what? about -- little cups to give away. >> did you know 7-eleven began selling slurpees in 1967 and it was an employee who came up with the name. the city which consumes the most slurpees per capita, winnipeg, manitoba in canada. >> no kidding! >> 6300 slurpees a day sold there. that's more than are sold in the rest of canada each day. in australia, free slurpee day is november 7th. that's because the date there is written with the day then the month. europeans do it differently. >> i've got the blue one. >> i have a red one. >> it tastes a little bit like sherbet. >> mine is yellow and it tastes like root beer. >> our producer dan has pina colada. he said it is awesome. >> of course he saves that one for himself. >> our time coming up on 6:38. 76 degre
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)